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Trophy stem from the Loving Cup in Britain.

Based on Western history records, King Edward was sitting on horseback when stabbed by an assassin while he was accepting a cup of wine. This event led to a ceremony at British banquets designed to protect drinkers from assassination. A large wineglass was passed around to all guests. When each gets the cup, they stand before all the others sitting around him. The cup in the ceremony was called the Loving Cup, which became a valued gift for the “gentlemen.” As time passed, people began offering this Loving Cup to the winner of major competitions, which evolved into today’s trophy. To this day the trophy still retains the heritage of the Loving Cup, with its large size, two long handles, etc.

Every trophy in Celebration Gifts series is the most intimate gift for witnessing the good moments among your friends, family, and loves.

With its immaculate material and precise manufacturing process, our Celebration Gifts become one of the most dazzling new stars in anniversary and holiday trophies. It is not only an excellent home decoration, but also a unique piece of art. However, the pursuit of our Celebration Gifts is by no means limited to this. Actually, every trophy of the Celebration Gifts reflects a warm and moving moment. Because it testifies to those important moments that you and your friends/family/loves spend with you, such as the Christmas Day, the Valentine’s Day, the Father/Mother’s Day, the wedding anniversary day, etc. When two, three, four or more Celebration Gifts connect together, these warm clips will make up a great movie about you and you’re the protagonist in this happy life movie.

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