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Trophy stem from the Loving Cup in Britain.

Based on Western history records, King Edward was sitting on horseback when stabbed by an assassin while he was accepting a cup of wine. This event led to a ceremony at British banquets designed to protect drinkers from assassination. A large wineglass was passed around to all guests. When each gets the cup, they stand before all the others sitting around him. The cup in the ceremony was called the Loving Cup, which became a valued gift for the “gentlemen.” As time passed, people began offering this Loving Cup to the winner of major competitions, which evolved into today’s trophy. To this day the trophy still retains the heritage of the Loving Cup, with its large size, two long handles, etc.

Crystal Awards Are Ideal Gifts For Those Who Made A Significant Contribution To The Team Or Organization.

Our exclusively designed, high quality 100% optical crystal (K9 Glass) awards are an excellent choice for promoting team values. For those who have distinguished themselves in life and work, these distinctive trophies express your team’s admiration and appreciation. Our crystal award is not only a gift with humanistic meaning, but also a wonderful memory of important experiences or a life’s work. The significance of the trophy goes beyond its exhibition in the office or the living room. It also conveys an affirmation of their personal value to your company, family or organization.  All the crystal awards have a variety of   applications including military, sports, education and non-profit organizations. You can choose the Crystal Awards as Achievement Awards, Top Sales Awards, Retirement Awards, Graduation Awards, Appreciation Awards, Recognition Awards, etc.

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